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AIAIAI is a Dutch company that manufactures audio products. They don’t believe in following market trends in order to design their products. Instead, they strive to create products which would be better than all products in the current trend. They not only employ engineers and sound technicians, but they also employ DJs to achieve this.


AIAIAI Products and Where to Find Them


AIAIAI headphones are available in different types – TMA and Tracks among them. The AIAIAI TMA-1 is a wired headphone that has supra-aural ear coupling. It has a headband for you to wear it. This also comes as a studio headphone. The AIAIAI Tracks earphone is also a wired one with supra-aural ear coupling. The wearing style of this headphone is also headband, but these are smaller than the TMA-1 variety. The Tracks headphones are available in four colors – black, cream, blue and grey. All these headphones come without a microphone. If you are looking for an earphone with mic, then the TMA-1 with Mic can help you. This is the same as the TMA-1, with the addition of a microphone, for audio input. The TMA headphones are available only in black.


All AIAIAI products are available online from the AIAIAI Shop, in their official website. However, the prices in the AIAIAI Shop are in US dollars. They are also available in the reputed online shops, where people from other countries can find prices in their own currency. All these AIAIAI headphones are also available online from PricePanda. On this website, you can compare between the different products and then choose the one that suits you best.


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You can find any kind of sound devices in PricePanda, and the added benefit of this website is that you can get reviews and specifications on an earphone that you are thinking of buying. You also get price lists, which enables you to compare the prices and specifications of the different products and thus helps you choose an optimal headphone.