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Alcatel Smartphones and more: French technology at its best.

Among the top brands you will be able to browse on our site is Alcatel. The French telecommunications and IT family has recently become one of the most trusted and best loved companies by personal users and businesses alike. The Boulogne-Billancourt-based brand Alcatel-Lucent, founded in 2006, offers excellent quality in communications technology and consistently cutting-edge innovation at attractive prices that are sure to meet every budget. The brand is establishing itself as a major player and respected competitor for older telecommunication giants such as Samsung and Nokia thanks to its uncompromising mission statement: to being the best in sustainable technology to every household, whatever the budget. And it's working- more and more are choosing Alcatel for their telecommunication needs.

Alcatel One Touch Snap

Alcatel handsets - all you need in a smartphone

Our modern busy lives require every tool and trick to stay on top of busy lifestyles, commitments and demands. This means connectivity, and in particular the use of smartphones. In the vast world of communication overload and smartphones, owning an Alcatel smartphone makes perfect sense. Their quality and innovation makes them a must-have for professionals, students and gamers alike. Some of the favourite Alcatel handset models are the slender POP D3 4035D, the HERO 8020D with its 13 MP camera, and the smart-priced model OneTouch Idol 2 offering streamlined features but great looks. Another winner smartphone is the Alcatel OneTouch Pixi, which offers users a choice of Operating System (OS) as well as attractive lines and colour options. Anyone wishing to stay on top of busy schedules on the go without breaking the bank can trust Alcatel to provide just that. Alcatel smartphones offer a great alternative to HTC Smartphones

Alcatel 918N Glory

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