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BlackBerry Z10 Black

The new BlackBerry Z10 Black offers an experience like no other when it comes to smartphones. Those who are quite used to using Blackberry smartphone in Singapore will be happy to know that most of the users' favourite features are still there, with a difference that they are enhanced to the fullest. This is to ensure that apps and features work hand in hand in the most effortless manner, enabling the user to cruise through the handling of the phone.

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BlackBerry Z10 Black buy online

It goes without saying that features such as internal storage capacity, touch display, rear camera, front camera, and a host others are set to keep you on the move. Most Z10 models come with close to fifteen pre- loaded apps that can be put into use immediately. Indeed, with a 4G touchscreen and a dual-core CPU, the Blackberry Z10 fulfils the needs of the modern smartphone user. If you are one of those who seem to always run out of battery, rest assured that the power will not wane until about ten hours' worth of talk time.

In terms of connectivity, the Z10 line is at par with the best brands there are. From network bands to WiFi to Bluetooth and a myriad others, there is no excuse to be secluded from all the happenings in the world! If getting started is a problem, Blackberry offers unparalleled support system that you can access. To find out more about the different models and features available, read Blackberry's full specifications that are available online. At PricePanda Singapore you can find the best price for BlackBerry Z10 Black.

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