HP Laptops: Best prices in Singapore (50 Items found)

HP laptops and the heritage of this brand

The Hewlett-Packard corporation has been responsible for developing IT equipment, software and services to consumers for more than four decades. Although HP worked on counter radar technology during World War II, they didn't begin working on computer products until the late 1960s. This company is recognised as one of the original founders of Silicon Valley and in 2009, BusinessWeek recognised HP as the 11th most valuable brand on Earth. This company is also the second largest vendor of personal computers in the world and has generated revenue of more than $100 billion since being founded.

HP Pavillion DV6

The advantages of owning a HP laptop

HP laptops range in specification so there is literally something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a personal computer for business purposes or simply desire one of these models for recreational use - perhaps something from the HP tablet range, there will be something in the HP arsenal to suit your every requirement. The HP Pavillion Notebook is an ideal starting point and delivers every benefit of an ordinary laptop, enclosed in a very stylish chassis. Users can enjoy a highly sensitive touchscreen display and this laptop is an excellent choice for movie buffs too as it is equipped with a BeatsAudio sound system, resulting in crisp and clear audio every time.

HP Pavillion G4

The HP Envy 15-j151sa laptop is another robust competitor on the computer market and packs an incredible punch. Fitted with a Fast AMD Quad Core A10 processor, boot up time takes less than 30 seconds and the 8GB RAM means that more sophisticated gameplay can be enjoyed. Immersive graphics cards ensure that every detail of the visuals will be crystal clear and easy to focus on. This model also features a terabyte of disc space, meaning users can download until their hearts are content. The multimedia facilities are excellent and there are ports for digital microphones too. This model rivals most Dell laptops and even the HP tabets available will hold their own against industry competitors.

How to find the best prices online

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