Samsung Laptops: Best prices in Singapore (14 Items found)

Samsung Laptops: Brilliant Design and Technology


A brand worthy of superlatives, this Suwon, South Korea firm is one of the most recognizable name in consumer electronics. It has been the world's largest maker of LCD panels, the world's largest TV manufacturer (over taking Japan's Sony), the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones (taking over the spot left by Finnish giant Nokia), and the world's largest technology company, displacing Cupertino, California's Apple Inc. The only consumer electronic branch it has yet to conquer is the Notebook and portable PC market.


What started out as a small trading company grew into a world class corporation known not only for their products but also for their pioneering technologies. The company has filed more patents than any other tech company in 2013 and they aim to share these developments to impact experiences of people around the globe. Their devotion to creating superior products and services is their guiding tenet in developing new mobile computing products.


The ATIV Book Series


The name of this range was originally reserved for the company's line of Microsoft Windows operated tablets. In 2013, however, the tech giant has expanded the line into notebooks and all in one computers. The Book is its current flagship device and it is designed with performance and portability in mind. All models in the line-up come with either Intel Core i5 or i7 CPUs and SSD storage. Every item in the series comes with fast processors, superior graphics, premium sound, and brilliant display making them perfect for both gaming and productivity functions.


The Ultrabook Series 9


Two words best describes this range: Impeccably crafted. This series of has some of the thinnest and lightest notebooks around. Their exterior is not only sturdy but also features a sleek aluminum finish. It comes with the top of the line Intel Core processors allowing it to performs optimally even when handling a range of business IT tasks all at the same time. Its SSD functions with lower power consumption while improving performance making it a perfect business travel partner.


Chromebook Devices


Powerful, fast, beautiful, and surprisingly affordable. This line of notebooks runs Google's Chrome OS and is currently the only line with 1080p display. They come with an ARM-based octa-core Exynos processor which allows them to run without a fan giving you a quiet yet very reliable performance. Their leather finish and slim design gives it that premium look, no one will ever guess they cost less than a smartphone.


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