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Tablets, more than you can imagine

A tablet nowadays is not only a monotone-colored pill taken to treat illnesses but it is more widely known as a one-piece mobile computer that serves the functionality of a mobile phone and a PC into a single portable device. This promising technology provides ample service of connectivity to the social media as well as it houses the next generation applications for multimedia and internet use. Since its invention of more than a decade ago, it has evolved into a high technology user-friendly gadget that supplies the everyday demands of the fast paced burgeoning lifestyle of people.

Tablets are live savers

The emergence of tablets in society have made a life saving effect on people as the tablet features include a touch screen, HD and anti-glare display screen that makes pictures and images pop into life. Wireless mobile browser functions through Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connectivity to ensure an unlimited internet access wherever, whenever. An E-mail and social media application to integrate all feeds in one synchronized flow as well as full mobile phone functions such as messaging, video calling through speaker or headset devices. A full functional video camera that enables photo and video capture, viewing and editing. From the internet you can download resources such as E-books, utilities and applications are accessible to make life in difficult times simpler. And can even replace the first Garmin GPS navigators to guide you to the remotest destinations

Borders and Beyond

In Asia, tablets are now widely used as a convenient substitute for a heavy laptop. Samsung, a renowned manufacturer of these devices make Samsung tablets that are also pegged as android tablets because of the Android operating system these tablets use. Android is a Google supported operating system that allows limitless access to all Google features and applications. In Asia alone, specifically top tablets in Singapore are sold at staggering numbers as the demand for this product in the market increases. Affordable and quality assured tablets have made their way in the market as new models and brands are introduced every day.

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