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Computer and Video Games: More than Just Pastimes

What started out as an alternative way to kill time when the weather wasn’t ideal for outside play is now taking the centerstage. It encompasses age, gender, and culture. It takes you to places beyond your imagination. It lets you experience other worlds and it lets you be whoever you want to be. You can be an Italian Plumber on a mission to save a princess from an evil dragon or a cybernetically enhanced super soldier saving the universe or a small brown, anthropomorphic, humanoid made of sack bouncing around a little big planet.

Games, be it for PC, Mac, or Consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, are hybrids of several entertainment and creative medias, such as animation, music, and sometimes film. They convey feelings and experiences better than other forms of entertainment as they are more interactive and they require the input of you, the gamer. That is why it comes as no surprise that gaming is now one of the fastest growing pastimes in the world.

The video gaming revolution started out in the US in the early 70s but did not gain real momentum until later that decade in Japan, the home of Nintendo, Sony, Mario and the Pokemons. Consoles and home computers entered the mass market between the late 70s and early 80s while the British started developing games. However, it wasn't until the early 90s (thanks to Sega and the Nintendo Entertainment System) that gaming went beyond the hobby market and it wasn't until Sony introduced the PlayStation that gaming became mainstream.

So Many Games, So Little Time

Gaming software is generally categorized based on its gameplay. Genres are classified independent of its content. For instance, even if a game features Barbie as the main protagonist with a story revolving around her love for Ken but involves multiple action plays and gun shots then it will be classified as an action game and not a love story. On top of the difference in genres and gameplay, there are bunch of different game publishers like Activision and Ubisoft that cater to a particular taste of gaming. If you happen to be a noob in gaming then perhaps you should take a look at our list of genres to give you an overview and maybe help you decide which types suit you best:

Action  This genre one of the most basic and broadest. Its gameplay usually involves combat (with or without weaponry) and requires players to think tactically and to be fast and accurate in order to move up levels. Some of its more popular sub-genres are:

  • Fighting games (involves one-on-one combat with a computer generated opponent or another player)
  • Multiplayer online battle arena (involves at least two teams competing and is a fusion of simple action games and real-time strategy games)
  • Maze Games (think: Pac-man)
  • Platform games (think: Sonic)
  • Shooter games (includes first-person shooter like Doom; Massively multiplayer online first person shooter games; tactical shooter; Rail Shooter; and Third-person shooter)

A combination of the action and adventure types, games in this category often requires conquering a long-term obstacle by completing smaller challenges. Here are two of its sub-categories:

  • Stealth games (requires overt precision)
  • Survival Horror (think: Silent Hill)



One of the oldest genres, players are required to solve puzzles by interacting with other characters and their environment. They often feature story elements. Adventures can be 3D and in real time, a simple text, graphic, or a visual novel such as the Resident Evil franchise. The latest GTA V is a prime example of next-gen gaming in this genre

One of the most popular genres at the moment, RPGs casts the gamer in a role with specialized skill sets and with the purpose of playing out the game. Players earn experience points or are developed as they progress into the game. Below is list of its more common sub-genres:

  • Western RPGs (i.e. Fallout and the Elder Scrolls franchise) and Japanese RPGs (Final Fantasy series and many more)
  • Sandbox RPGs or Open World (the best example for this will be the best selling Grand Theft Auto series)
  • Massively multiplayer online role-playing games or MMORPGs (this genre includes The Lord of the Rings Online series and World of Warcraft franchise)

  Didn’t qualify for the NBA, NFL or World Cup? You can still fulfill your dreams of sporting glory through this genre which counts the following as sub-cats:

  • Racing
  • Sports game (FIFA, Madden NFL, and NBA belongs to this sub-cat)

This genre will let you build and simulate whatever you want. Games in this category are designed to simulate real life aspects. Some of its more popular sub-genres are:

  • Construction and management (popularized SimCity)
  • Life simulation (includes the likes of The Sims, Tamagotchi and Nintendogs)
  • Vehicle Simulation

Other Genres
  Interactive gaming is so vast and mimics real life. It has countless classes and types. There are ones designed to just help you relax (Casual games), Music games that lets you be a rockstar and a Guitar Hero, Party Games, Programming games, Strategy games, and even Fitness games like the Wii Fit series and other games that will not only entertain you but will also keep you active.

Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox

The industry may have several main developers and even more indie developers but it is dominated by three major platforms: Sony's PS, Microsoft's Xbox, and Nintendo's Wii and DS platforms. While most developers make games that can be played regardless of console, some games are designed and optimized specifically for just one. Xbox gained prominence thanks to its Halo series. The Microsoft owned platform's strategy is to have as many exclusive titles as possible while PlayStation encourages independent developers to introduce specialized and often niche games into the PS system. While Nintendo capitalizes on their classics and widely popular handhelds. PC, Mac, Online, and Mobile (Android and iOS) gaming are also on the rise and more and more publishers are developing games that will cater to these platforms.

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