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Data storage is creating a backup of your data to present it in future course of time. It can refer to anything that is used for storing information. Books are also a form of storing data. In terms of technology, data storage is a combination of devices and components that are used to store information. Devices such as memory disk, CD, Floppy disk, and USB are used to carry and store various types of data. Below are some devices that need data storage devices.


Data storage for cameras


Cameras are one of the top devices that need excellent data storage. Although many cameras may come with a little inbuilt memory, some large images can take up lot of space. The user may need extended memory to store more images. Although all the cameras in the market today follow a digital format, Digital cameras and Digital SLR cameras need different types of memory storage devices.


SD cards for digital cameras


Many cameras use SD cards to record movies and images. SD (Secure Digital) cards are similar in size to postage-stamps, and are comparatively inexpensive. Their standard memory space can range from 4GB to 32GB, although the latest range of SD card memory can have up to 64GB of memory space. Micro/Mini SD cards are other types of memory cards used in smaller cameras and mobile phones. The cards can be converted into SD cards with an adapter and used in devices that accept SD cards.


Compact flash for Digital SLR cameras


Although some SLR cameras use SD formats, professional DSLR cameras use CompactFlash (CF) cards. CompactFlash cards are stronger and larger than SD formats, and work in more adverse conditions. A few CF cards offer efficiency in temperatures as low as -25°C, and shock protection. The cards are slightly thicker and larger than SD cards and provide much more memory.


Purchasing data storage devices


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