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Product Overview

Fly High with HTC Butterfly 2

With the One line the Taiwanese manufacturer has got back its position among of the most innovative brands on smartphones market. Nevertheless, besides flagship models which are oriented at wealthy buyers the company also has something to offer to mid-range segment.

The new HTC release can definitely be called a new standard of entertainment device: the model is focused on social networking, photo capturing, music listening and many more things that are included in such a wide definition of enjoyment. At the same time, from a hardware point of view, it is equipped with advanced technologies but does not provide unnecessary sources of additional costs such as octa core processor (a lot of them are fake octa, while the second quad core part is virtual).

So, if internet is you best friend along with all those trendy apps, then you should keep reading this overview of new Butterfly 2.

The first look: Front and back

Nothing Superfluous: Ideal Specs Balance

Speaking of specs facts, the successor can be perceived as insignificant upgrade of previous models of Butterfly series, but after few hours of usage the device will change your mind. The second version is packed with quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with 2.5 GHz frequency. Being famous for its quality and a bunch of opportunities for the system, this processor allows up to 75% faster charging and Full HD video recording. Therefore seamless and smooth performance is guaranteed.

To check the work of the handset you may take a look at the screen and things its presenting according your requests. 5 inch LCD display supports IPS technology and has 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. This is not the best possible one, but with respect to the screen size it will provide the adequate viewing experience as well as will allow you to check the photos taken with the help of cameras. Those are presented by 13MP rear (duo depth technology, BSI sensor, autofocus and LED-flash) and 5MP front ones. Thus you will get the best possible shots of both landscapes and personal portraits. Moreover, HTC has prepared several great apps and tools helping to edit and correct the photos in a way you need; they will be described here later. Regarding the place for storing all those pictures, videos (HD recording is available) and anything you would like to have on the handset, there are 16 or 32GB of internal memory optionally that can be expanded via microSD up to 128GB.

If you are an active person who can spend days out of the city or are usually on the go, Butterfly may become your best companion: 2700mAh is enough to give you at least 24 hours of battery life; and, thanks to the new super saving mode, in case of 10% battery the device will be able to work up to 10 hours! In addition, you definitely will find useful its water resistant and dustproof characteristics. No need to worry about the conditions around - just use your smartphone when you need and get the information, conversation and so on right on time.

Finally, unnecessary to mention, that the device envisages the latest version of Android operating system i.e. 4.4 KitKat. 1.2 mn of apps and programs suiting any taste is just one of the advantages you can get from the most used OS in the world.

Fantastic case

Amusement You Will Never Forget

Coming to the most interesting point, Butterfly 2 is luckily can be your personal entertainment machine. With a variety of built-in tools listening to the music will provide you even more pleasure, and photo editing will take less time and efforts. Here are some of the examples regarding advanced instruments making your life easier and more fun.

First, duo depth technology in camera will give you an opportunity to make filtering and editing available without opening any additional application and, thereby, pushing the system load. Or, making group selfie, you would be able to focus and emphasize the objects you want: “red-eye removing” or “shining” effect for sure will help you to take the best selfies ever. The same works for outlook highlighting: by choosing the mode you will create a special atmosphere on the photo e.g. rainy day or black and white background.

Music lovers will gain a lot from new HTC phone too. We have already heard about the amazing Boom Sound dual front stereo speakers that surround you by the beloved rhythms and melodies as well as help to organize a little party anywhere you want. Moreover, JBL LiveStage will transport you to the real concert sound providing the emotions and excitement from the live performance of favourite band. Just as a gift, you can get an exclusive hi-fi in-ear headphones that will allow you to enjoy the tunes personally.

However, the company has thought not only about the features but the way of their usage and ergonomics too. That’s why there’s a lot of tasks and commands that can be started just by one touch. The functionality is all around this model, and even the special case for the device will bring you the information you always need to check: weather conditions and time, missed call or battery life reminders can be seen on the back panel! Simply as the very thought about it and incredibly useful in today’s life. The Taiwanese manufacturer also has shown a respect to every user by providing both advanced and simple way of smartphone operation: HTC fans will be glad to work through Sense interface while the beginners can start to enjoy their handset from Easy mode.

Color range

Easy Buying: Best Price for Best Device

We are sure, that you like the new HTC Butterfly 2 or, at least, are intrigued with this launch. Nevertheless, regardless from your final decision, this will bring you no pain to check its price in Singapore especially with the help of PricePanda service. In simple words, we are searching for the most affordable and convenient deals in the country and then combine them into one price list providing info not only about where to buy and at what cost, but also purchasing conditions, shipping information and even review of sellers. Therefore, there’s no way to get a problem or lack of information while we communicate with our trusted retailers directly.

To date we has found, that new Butterfly is launched for the Asian market, but the release date in Singapore is still a question. Nevertheless, as soon as any data or leak will appear in the internet and other media, we will let you know through this page. Stay tuned!


  • Processor: 2.5GHz quad core Krait 400
  • Camera: dual 13MP rear with autofocus and LED-flash plus 5MP front
  • Display: 5 inch IPS LCD with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution
  • Memory: 2GB RAM and 16/32GB RIM expandable via microSD up to 128
  • Battery: 2700 mAh Li-Po
  • Operating System: Android 4.4.2 KitKat
  • Additionally: dustproof and water resistant


HTC Batterfly 2 leaks


Coming Soon: The HTC Butterfly 2

The Android pioneer is rumored to be working on a sequel to 2013's Butterfly S. The new device will either be an improved version of the Japan exclusive J Butterfly or its international version. Very similar to the 2014 flagship One M8, the new smartphone is expected to knock competition out of the water. There has been rumors about a Windows Phone 8 phone from the Taiwanese manufacturer, sadly, this upcoming handset wouldn't be it- Instead, the predecessor to the "S" will sport specs similar to the current flagship. It will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM. The 5 inch phone will feature a dual-camera system like the brand's flagship and 32GB of onboard storage and Dot View cases.

The upcoming device will come with a super LCD3 full HD display (1080 x 1920 resolution) and a third generation processor, whereas the One M8 only features a second generation processor with a slightly slower clock speed of 2.2GHz. The soon to be released mobile device will feature IPX5/IPX7 waterproofing as well as IP5X dust proofing, a feature more prominent among Sony Xperia devices. It comes with the front-facing BoomSound speakers powered by Beats Audio and will be 4G LTE capable.

front and rear view

A Super-Charged M8

This new device is to the current flagship as its predecessor is to the 2013 one. It boasts of an upscale full HD display, a slim and very ergonomic built that is also waterproof and dustproof, weighs a mere 156 grams, will run Android 4.4 KitKat, comes with 32GB of internal memory which can be expanded to up to 128GB via its microSDXC card slot, and will have 2700mAh battery. The phone has so much standout specs and features that it doesn't even bother capitalizing on its long lasting battery capable of powering 4G LTE for up to a day on one charge, 2G for even longer, and at least a week on standby.


As with many devices geared especially towards the Asian market, this beautifully designed handset will come with a TV antenna. With this handy, you will never miss your favorite South Korean soap opera. Hopefully, the international version will come bundled with JBL's high-performance in-ear headphones, this will make viewing those TV series using the smartphone more convenient and private.


Duo Camera and Other Features

Before you can ask, yes, this phone will have some pretty amazing photo taking capabilities. Its main shooter will have a 13MP sensor with secondary "Duo" camera for quick focus while its front facing selfie cam will come with a 5MP sensor. This "Duo Effect" with the secondary 2MP module gives depth of field adjustment and other features to the main snapper. This secondary 2MP snapper doesn't actually capture images and videos, instead it allows the camera to "understand objects in physical space". A key benefit of this feature is a quicker autofocus time of around 300ms, since the device#s sensors can use actual depth measurements to focus on objects.This has many features that harness the depth captured with two lenses, such as UFocus, which makes it possible to choose focus after shooting; 3D Effects, which offers a pseudo dimensional effect; and copy and paste, which lets you cut an image and paste it onto another.


The device itself will already come in a variety of colors, however, its manufacturers want to make sure that you will have even more color in the form of its retro chic Dot view cases. These cases combines function and form, they offer instant phone access while the case is still closed. It also offers wrap-around protection with flashy dot matrix cover which will allow you take calls, receive email notifications, schedule reminders, weather updates, and more, without even opening the case.



dot view


Price and Release Date in Singapore

Already released in Japan, we hope to see the HTC Butterfly 2 in one of our trusted retailers and stores soon. We will be on the lookout for new information regarding the smartphone such as its official specifications and features and price in Singapore. If you want to be among the first to have the device then you'd better visit us often.

Technical Details
Data CapabilitiesBluetooth, EDGE, GPS, GPRS
Phone StyleTouchscreen Phone Style
Storage16 GB
Operating SystemAndroid
Screen Size5 Inch
Camera Resolution8 mp
Talktime Hours
Standby time Hours