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Nokia Lumia 720

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Nokia Lumia 720
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Introducing the Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia’s Lumia 720 is the Finnish company’s latest entry into the smartphone market. The new smartphone follows the design, feel and build quality of the previous phones from the Lumia line, and is instantly recognizable as a member of Nokia’s family of smartphones. The Lumia 720 is positioned in the mid range level of the smartphone market and is priced and specced accordingly.

Great choice options

Following Nokia’s tradition of offering a wide choice of colors, the Lumia 720 will be available in red, yellow, white and cyan. The storage capacity also varies and customers can choose between 8G and 16GB, and rather conveniently Nokia has placed a microSD card slot in the Lumia 720 that makes the storage expandable up to 64 GB.

Nokia Lumia 720 specs

The latest entrant in Lumia’s range features a great 4.3 inch screen that has a 720p resolution and looks great in any situation thanks to the IPS LCD technology used in the display. The CPU powering the Lumia 720 is a Qualcomm chip clocked at 1Ghz. The processing capacity of the CPU combined with the 512 RAM provide sufficient power for smooth operation of the phone.

On the software side, Nokia continues its partnership with Microsoft, and accordingly the Lumia 720 runs on Windows Phone 8, with all the latest updates and new features.

The Lumia 720 camera specs and features

Nokia has long been known for their great camera technology and its partnership with Carl Zeiss, and the camera in the new Lumia 720 doesn’t disappoint. The sensor is 6.1 megapixels with Carl Zeiss optics and LED flash. Nokia has brought its “Pureview” camera software from the more expensive Lumias to the 720 to provide image stabilization when taking pictures while moving. The camera is also capable of shooting 720p videos.

The option of wireless charging

When Nokia unveiled the Lumia 920, the company’s flagship model, they stated that wireless charging will become the standard way people charge their phones. And the higher priced variants in the Lumia line have wireless charging capabilities as standard. In the Lumia 720, however, the wireless charging comes as an additional extra in order to keep the price of the device in the mid range price point. Customers that want to have this feature can buy the part that enables wireless charging, which snaps on the back of the device.

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