5 Offers for Nokia Lumia 520 Mobile Phone from S$ 140  - S$ 215 

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Product Overview

Nokia Lumia 520 : The cheapest Windows Phone with a long 3G talk time

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Nokia Lumia 520 now enters the current Windows Phone 8 level that may be a cost-effective solution compared to the likes of Nokia Lumia 720 and Nokia Lumia 920. Windows Phone 8 also gives you 7GB of storage on Microsoft SkyDrive, so you can sync your phone and computer. It still runs the full Windows Phone OS which brings a great experience everyday. The Lumia 520 is such a good product that continues Nokia's bright and bold approach to phones. The screen is so sensitive screen that you can even use it by using gloves or with your fingernails.




Design of Nokia Lumia 520

The design of the Nokia Lumia 520 is and compact and slim. As with the more expensive members of the family you’ll find the design has been kept to the minimum with a single port on the top for the audio jack, a microUSB port on the base and a small hole on the back for the speaker. While the design is minimal in appearance, the Nokia Lumia 520 very much has a look and feel all its own. Even though it has a 4-inch screen which is known as the larger display than Nokia Lumia 720, it feels great in the hand due to the slim profile of the device itself.






The Nokia Lumia 520 shows its budget credentials in the multimedia stakes. Fitted with a 5-Megapixel camera but with no Flash, this smartphone has proved great for taking snaps in good light conditions. What’s more, with support for 720p video recording, you will be able to get some great footage recorded at 30fps from the Nokia Lumia 520.
If you’re looking for proof on how effective the Nokia Lumia 520 camera is then you can compare to the Nokia Lumia 620 camera that actually makes you’ll be nicely surprised how well it handles.





Battery Life

The Nokia Lumia 520 may be a budget smartphone but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on battery life. Nokia promises nine and a half hours of 3G talk time from the Lumia 520's 1430 mAh battery, which is a pretty good. Nokia also offers 360 hours of standby and up to 61 hours of music playback which means you’ll find there is enough juice to keep you checking emails and listening to music throughout the day, while having enough left in the evening for social media and joining up with friends using Nokia HERE Maps. The only somewhat weak endurance point here is in video playback times, which are sub-5 hours, and below the category average.






The Nokia Lumia 520 is the company's cheapest Windows Phone handset to date and at the same time is the most economic way of getting onto the latest Microsoft phone operating system: Windows Phone 8. It is officially announced “the most affordable Windows Phone 8 smartphone” yet is designed to deliver a full Windows Phone 8 experienced along with the full power of the Nokia portfolio of apps. It is such a good news that this Nokia gives quite a lot of coolness to impress your friends with this smartphone, but it is sold at affordable price. The price range is about S$250 or more.





Pros and Cons



  • Good value for the money
  • Screen can be operated with gloves
  • Nine and half hours of 3G talk time
  • 61 hours of music playback




  • Sub-5 hours of video playback times
  • Lacks built-in flash


Technical Details
Data CapabilitiesBluetooth,EDGE,Wi Fi,GPRS
Phone StyleTouchscreen Phone Style
Storage GB
Operating System
Screen Size4 Inch
Camera Resolution5 mp
Talktime15 Hours
Standby time360 Hours