Lenovo Smartphones: Best prices in Singapore (79 Items found)

Lenovo smartphones: Stylish and practical

More known for being one of the biggest laptop and computer manufacturer, Chinese giant Lenovo is slowly but surely becoming one the industry leader in smartphone/mobile phone technology. The brand has benefited from a very strong support in its home turf China, but now, they are aggressively expanding and trying to conquer more markets especially the emerging oes. Their products might not receive as much fanfare as their competitors flagships but they are among the best and can easily compete with the more popular products. Most notable among their recent launches are their growing line of Android powered phones. These cell phones are not only powerful, they are also feature filled a the Chinese manufacturer throws in as much pre-installed features and freebies to make sure that the consumer is satisfied. Theis smartphones are stylish, provides excellent camera experience and among the longest talk-time thanks to their excellent batteries.


Vibe and K Series


Are the brands flagship series. These two series boasts of premium designer smartphones that allows users to shoot, share and play with precision engineered Android smartphones. The phones in this line features the top of the line and most powerful multi-core processors, full HD displays and the most innovative camera technology. The Vibe Z, Vibe X, and the K900 ar the most popular members of this series.


S Series


Better known as the line of elite entertainment smartphones, this series features phones with sleek built and are designed for maximum video, music and gaming experience. They have very powerful and fast multi-core processors coupled with top of the line graphics processing units, high resolution displays and excellent audio quality. The S920, S820, and S650 are among the more popular products in the series.


P Series


Also known as the professional business phone with unbelievable battery life. This line boasts of the longest standby and browsing life partnered it with a plethora of pre-installed productivity applications. It has IPS displays and powerful processors that helps ensure that you stay connected in work and in play. The P780 is the most well known product in this line.


A Series


A for affordability, this line is comprised on entry level smartphones which, even though budget friendly, still keeps extensive features and offers great mobile experience. For functionality and budget, the A369i, A796, and A390 are the top contenders.


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