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Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2 3G 16GB White online: Best Prices available in Singapore


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Galaxy, the line of products from Samsung that is currently one of the most famous smartphones. In the world of smartphones, the series of Galaxy seems to be successful if it is only compared to iPhone from Apple and Experia from Sony Ericsson in the market. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the second generation of Galaxy Note. After being successful with the first generation of Samsung Galaxy Note series, it seems that Samsung Singapore does not need a long time to hit the smartphone industry with Samsung-Galaxy Note 2 which is the next series from the first generation Galaxy Note. As a next generation of smartphones, it is able to be assured that the features offered will be more sophisticated and more completely compared to the predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Singapore

Design and Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specs in detail. This Samsung Galaxy Note 2 still carries the same concept as the predecessor which is touch screen mobile phone completed with a pen to ease the operation. The S Pen on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been renewed with better capability compared to the predecessor which is to have a good response along with a more elegant design. If the first generation of Samsung Galaxy Note has a slim design, then it is decided to create a slim design as well as the first generation for this Galaxy Note 2. Even more than that and longer. The whole dimension from this Samsung Galaxy-Note-2 is 151.1×80.5×9.4 mm with weight of 188 grams. Another cool Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specs is the slimmer design is created to be easier and more comfortable to hold this mobile phone. One must admit that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specs are really good, and definitely enough for daily usage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 price Singapore and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specs


Samsung Galaxy Note 2's price in Singapore has had some advantages compared to the predecessor. One of the main strengths is the slimmer design that it can be more comfortable when it is held with one hand. Another strength is the capability of Processor that is higher than the first generation Galaxy Note along with the Air View feature to simplify the user. It concludes that the price for this Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is above S$740 in Value Basket Singapore. Considering the quality and the speed of high Processor, it fits the price though. You will find the best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 price above. Also, you can read a Galaxy Note 2 review from other buyers. If you go down further, you read about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specs.

Specifications / Details
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