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Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini 8GB White online: Best Prices available in Singapore


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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: Everything You Need to Know

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is as its name implies: the smaller, less expensive, more accessible version of the Galaxy S3. Released on November 2012. Read on to find out more about the S3 Galaxy Mini.

Design and Features

As with the bigger S3 Galaxy, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini also features curved edges and a chrome border, and the home and power buttons are in the same location. This is where similarities end, though. The notable Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini specs are as follows: 4-in touch-based screen with AMOLED display; dual-core, 1 GHz NovaThor U8420 processor; 1 GB RAM; TouchWiz UI (user interface); 1,500 Li-Ion mAh battery; 5-megapixel rear camera; and Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS (operating system). It is 10-mm thick and weighs around 111g.


Online shopping sites tag the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini from $S440-$S468 depending on memory capacity (8 or 16 GB).
Specifications / Details
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