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The Sharp Corporation started producing electronics in Japan in 1912, taking its name from its first product, the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil. After the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923 and the company's relocation to its present site at Osaka, Sharp began working on the first generation of Japanese radios. Television production began in 1953, followed by LCD calculators and gaming consoles. Sharp created the first commercially produced camera phone in 1997. Although heavily invested in the development of LCD TVs, Sharp was hit by Japan's conversion to digital TV in 2010 and 2011. The company has recovered and is now in the world's top five TV producers along with Samsung and Sony TVs.

Sharp LED TV LC701E650M

A TV from Sharp gives you large screens with great picture quality

Samsung was the first to market LED TVs, with its ultra-thin Samsung TV LN-T4681F model. LEDs are different to LCDs in the way they are back-lit, letting TVs become ever thinner and lighter. The new LED generation of TVs were energy efficient with superb colour quality, but were at first very expensive. Increasing competition amongst companies, including Sharp, has brought prices down. Sharp's recent development of Quattron technology has led to the production of ever larger screens, brilliant HD resolution and even more energy efficient use.

Some Sharp TVs are produced under the name of AQUOS, such as its latest Quattron 3D, with its vibrant and realistic colours. This large TV gives you a cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. Watching a football match will make you feel that you're right in the stadium. No matter whether you choose a screen size of 60", or up to a massive 90", you will still get great colour reproduction, high contrast and brilliant image focus.

The Sharp AQUOS Smart TV lets you do more than just view. Its internet portal gives you access to online services through your screen. Play games, surf the net, download apps or, at the touch of a button, rent your favourite film. Use your TV to keep in touch with friends on social media. Remote apps even allow you to control your TV with your smartphone or mobile device. You'll be spoilt for viewing choice as you scroll through the thousands of programmes available on demand. The new Time Shift function even allows you to rewind and re-watch live transmissions. LG TVs also have comparable models in Smart LED TVs with good reviews for energy efficiency combined with good colour quality.

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