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New addition to the Sony Xperia line

Sony is looking to cover every segment of the smartphone market with the recent announcement of the Sony Xperia SP. The new smartphone from the Japanese manufacturer is designed as a mid range device that falls right under Sony’s current flagship phone, the Xperia Z. The Sony Xperia SP is aimed at an audience that is just entering the smartphone market and they are purchasing their first phone.

Judging by the increasing popularity of the Xperia line, we expect the new Xperia SP to make a big splash on the market.

Sony Xperia SP

The Sony Xperia SP specifications

Sony has made sure that the Xperia SP performs admirably judging by today’s high standards in the smartphone market. Although it is a mid range device, the Xperia SP is equipped with the latest CPU technology provided by the renowned processor manufacturer Qualcomm. The CPU performs quite well in early testings of the device, and is expected to run the newest version of Android without any problems. The 1 GB of RAM is there to ensure smooth transitions between multitasking activities.

The Sony Xperia SP camera features

Sony prides itself on their great screen and camera technologies and the parts used in the new Xperia SP are no exception. The 8 megapixel camera equipped with Sony’s Exmor RS sensor performs strongly in different situations, and the built-in HDR mode makes for quite interesting effects which give the images more depth of field and intense color reproduction. The device also has a dedicated camera button for easy access.

Sony Xperia SP

Additional features

The Sony Xperia SP also comes with some great nifty tricks that make the whole experience of using the device more enjoyable. The screen for example is able to calibrate the color reproduction based on the content that is currently displayed. This is made possible with the Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 that Sony has put in the device. It also includes a color changing transparent element on its body that users can customize in order to receive different illuminated notifications for messages, emails, reminders and alarms. The illuminations can even be set to pulse to the beat of your favorite music.

Sony Xperia SP

Specifications / Details
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