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The Feature Packed Transcend Memory Devices


Transcend Inc. is a Taiwanese company that manufactures and distributes memory products. Transcend’s product list has over 2,000 devices. The list includes USB flash drives, memory modules, digital audio players, flash memory cards, portable media players, multimedia products, portable hard drives, graphics cards and accessories among many others.




Transcend first launched their portable storage devices with attractive USB drives. Since then the company has come a long way to form its niche clientele. The JetFlash is their flagship USB product. Is a flash based USB drives made by Transcend.


The JetFlash has a wide variety of USB Flash Drives. This is perhaps one of those few companies that give you a lifetime warranty on the drive. There are different kinds of drives designed for different types of users. Transcend didn’t just manufacture the USB flash drives, it also created different software to enhance the usage USB drives. They are as listed below:


T Series - USB flash drives meant to replace floppy/CD/DVD. Hi-Speed Series – Offers a design that satisfies the most demanding task or user. Security Series - USB flash drives for enhanced security V Series – This the visually appealing line of USB drives.


Aside the popular USB drive, transcend also make flash memory. Many devices use this kind of memory, some of them are: personal computers, PDAs, mobile phones, digital audio players and digital cameras. The products have become well known as sturdy and able to take copious amounts of wear and tear.




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