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ZTE Smartphones: Surprisingly Amazing


Based in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, the company is one of China's biggest manufacturer of semiconductors and telecommunications equipment. Its products, services and brand are regarded highly in its home country, and is the manufacturer of CDMA networks and the world's third largest vendor of GSM telecom equipment. It may surprise you but the company is actually the fourth largest mobile phone vendor in the world. Their mobile division produces a wide range of mobile devices which includes smartphones, tablets, modems, hotspots, and family desktop integration terminals.


The manufacturer provides technologically advanced yet affordable solutions to their consumers. They have partnerships with more than 230 major carriers and distributors in over 160 countries around the world and they have a product for every price and feature level. From the entry level Blade to the mid-level Skate and the their top of the line handset, the Grand. Most mobile manufacturers will install only one or two OS on their mobile devices, but the Shenzhen company produces phones running Android, Windows Mobile, and Firefox OS.


The Grand Series


This is the company's flagship series, it is currently comprised of three models, the X, the era, and the newly released S/Memo. Handsets in this line are some of the most aesthetically pleasing units ever released by the firm. They combine unique design with outstanding technology. They come packed with nothing but the top specifications and features, runs the latest version of Android and has 3G and LTE connectivity. Though high-end in design and specs, phones from this series are still very affordable, costing half the price of their Samsung counterparts.


The Skate Line


Also known as the Orange Monte Carlo in some parts of the world's, this line is supposed to be the firm' "mid-range" series, but he only mid-range about the line is its price. The specs of the Skate are what we would expect of a high-end Android handset. It comes with a very powerful processor, decent display, and is remarkably lightweight.


The Blade Range


This is the bestselling series of the company both in their home country and abroad. It is comprised of nine models, all with unbelievably low prices. The different models comes with their own key features and capabilities but most members of this mobile family sports mid-range specifications. The phones in this line may be budget but you will not be able to tell as they all come with high-end looking chassis.


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