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AKG: Audio Solutions for Your Lifestyle

Designed and engineered in Austria, the company is known for producing audio equipment of uncompromised quality. Their headphones and earphones produces studio-standard precision sound and provides unparalleled comfort and style. They are portable, highly connective, and very durable. Their products create a unique listening experience for almost everybody.

The company has launched hundreds of models since their establishment in 1947. Their consumer products provide the same excellent performance as their professional line. You can expect consistent top quality audio whether you are listening to music on your iPhone, iPod, while gaming, or while enjoying your home theater.

They may not have as much celeb cred as Beats by Dr. Dre but recording studios, radio and TV stations, opera houses and famous stages all over the world count on their products. Internationally known musicians (Kanye west included) and show-stars have frequently been seen using their high-quality microphones and headphones for many decades. Today it is one of the leading makers of microphones, headphones and wireless-equipment of the highest quality. They may not be a household brand like Bose, but they sure are on their way there.

Y Series: For Life on the Go

Headphones belonging to this series are designed to deliver a pure sound experience. They bring together the company's 65 years of expertise to create a listening experience that is personal and moving. They are emphasized for portability and are mostly wireless, noise canceling, and very comfortable to wear. They feature the brand's signature quality sounds with enriched bass performance, reduced ambient noise, rugged yet lightweight design, and are very easy to store and transport.

K Series: Professional Performance Anywhere

The most popular line from the brand, most of its models are the preferred choice of hit-makers, audio engineers and award-winning producers alike. They offer balanced high quality sound, universal and multi-device connectivity, long lasting comfort, and of course, the brand's signature sound. Products in this line are compatible with most devices including Apple. They come with a one-button universal remote microphone compatible with most smartphones. These remotes allow you to answer and end calls, or play and pause music, without taking your headphones off.

The Quincy Jones Line

This range is a collection of headphones for your home or the road. Each set is a blend of sophisticated style and perfect sound. They come with detachable audio cables, are optimized for DJs and for home and mobile use, and of course, they come with the Quincy Jones signature sound. These headphones are built to last and are specially shaped for optimum comfort.

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