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Amazon Tablets: Setting the Tech Trail on Fire

After the success of their pioneering and bestselling ebook reader, the Kindle, the online retail behemoth went further into the consumer electronics business arena with the launch of their Kindle Fire line of devices. Initially launched in 2011, the line has since seen three generations, with its latest iteration being dubbed as the "best small tablet you can buy" by renowned gadget experts and bloggers. The company's devices bring together their customer support, renowned worldwide for its excellence, reading, watching / streaming, productivity, and of course online shopping into a slim and very compact package with amazing high density display.

The retailer turned consumer electronics brand made sure that their products remain affordable even though they come packed with top of the line specifications. Each unit, no matter which version or size, sells at prices so low, its as if the company does not want to make a profit out of them. The latest model is worth less than half an iPad. Their prices are so low they seem to good to be true.

Powerful, Portable and Beyond HD

Backed with ultra-fast multi-core processors, the latest graphics engine, and the one of the biggest RAM capacities in the market, these mobile entertainment and productivity devices are perfect for even the most demanding mobile gaming experience. Access one of the biggest libraries of ebooks, TV series and movies for no extra cost via the device, no need for a Prime subscription. Its display is comparable to the latest OLED devices and its sound system is powered by Dolby's world-class audio. That's mobile entertainment at its finest.

Like its contemporaries, the mobile device comes with cameras capable of capturing brilliant images. It also makes it easier to keep images and videos as it lets you store your files to its Cloud Drive. Editing videos and images are also just as easy. It comes pre-installed with several photo and video editing device which lets you enhance any stills or videos you've recorded. Be an instant PhotoShop expert with the device.

Running all these amazing features can take its toll on even the most powerful gadget - but not this one. Powered with an advanced power management technology, it can deliver an uninterrupted 11 hours of multi-tasking which includes, streaming videos, downloading contents, chatting with friends, sending out emails, all while making a finals presentation. The device recognizes when other applications are being idle and automatically powers them down, saving precious battery life, and allocating power where its needed.

MayDay: 24/7 Support with a Touch of a Button

Another addition to its list of standout features is its revolutionary on-device support function. It connects you for free to a support representative anytime and anywhere (provided you are connected to the internet). It is available everyday of the year and at any time, and most importantly, you can ask them for just about any help, even the tiniest how to, they'll be there to answer you within 15 seconds or less.

Find the Best Deals and Prices in Singapore

Sure, Amazon delivers here, but since it's coming from the US you'll most likely incur high import taxes. If you want to buy Amazon's Kindle Fire range of tablets with low to no delivery cost, then go ahead and check out our list of online stores and retailers selling their authentic products in Singapore. Compare for prices, warranties, availability, read reviews, and download price lists all in one easy to navigate site.