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The Canadian manufacturer behind the range of BlackBerry phones is also a developer of software applications. It is best known, however, for the BlackBerry mobile device it released in 1999 and which has since sold millions of units by way of its various reincarnations. Nowadays, BlackBerry is still a popular choice for users around the world. This page on PricePanda gives you a breakdown on the BlackBerry products available to you in South East Asia.


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Blackberry is withstanding repeated blows from its competitors with regards to better, user friendly and mass appealing Smartphones launched in the market in the past year, which is making the multinational name lose its ground on various markets. With the launch of the new Z10, however Blackberry RIM company has proved that is capable of innovation and keeping pace with the new age race of technology. With its release in January this year, the Blackberry Z10 is expected to hold the market for blackberry in the race of Smartphones.


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Blackberry as a brand, researched and marketed by “Research in Motion (RIM)” group manufactures a range of wireless and portable devices catering to the needs of millions of Professionals worldwide. Whenever Smartphone is discussed in a professional gathering, it is impossible to go by without mentioning Blackberry. Blackberry is one of the pioneers in technology when it comes to wireless communication devices.


Blackberry devices run on Blackberry OS which is an indigenous software developed by RIM. The new Blackberry Z10 is supported by the Blackberry 10 operating system and Blackberry desktop manager. Also, BlackBerry Smartphones uses a unique Blackberry Messenger; the BBM, which is software designed for receiving and sending coded messages accessible to those with the BBM pin. Since, most of the apps available in the market are android based, so in 2011 RIM launched an option wherein you can use any of the android applications in your playbook. By this initiative Blackberry has made the product more user-friendly and mass appealing.


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In an effort to strengthen its customer relations in Singapore, RIM opened a Blackberry Expert Center in Singapore. The Singapore Blackberry Expert Center is a dedicated after-sales service center for Blackberry Singapore clients. Blackberry SIngapore’s service center will give their clients faster service in terms of repairs, hardware replacements and other issues.


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