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BlackBerry: Connecting Your Professional and Personal Life

Google's Android and Apple's iOS devices might be leading the market right now but it was the Waterloo, Ontario company who started the Smartphone revolution. It was the pioneer in email communication, smart messaging, internet faxing, and web browsing, through a mobile phone. It was the business phone of choice during its earlier days as it offered the convenience of having a mobile office.

Though they invented the smartphone, the company declined in popularity when newer platforms with more features and access to third party apps surfaced. The popularity of their QWERTY keyboard and trackpad (trackball in earlier models) was almost instantly overtaken by the touch screen. However, recent concerns in security and a radical rehabilitation plan is slowly bringing the firm back into the game.

The brand is synonymous with security and they are banking on this to attract consumers whose main concern is privacy. Their Enterprise Service 10 gives customers the mobile security they want while staying connected professionally and socially.

From Bold to Z

Almost iconic in form factor, the Bold series provided users with efficient, thumb typing QWERTY keyboard. The range is the company's premium line (the Curve being their budget friendly series) boasting of premium materials such as leather, soft touch, carbon fiber, and metal. The brand hasn't produced any new model for this line and has since shifted to high-end touchscreen models.

Most new releases from the company now sports a virtual keyboard instead of their earlier models' distinctive physical one. Their most recent product lines has been reduced to just two, the "Q" range and the "Z" range. The Z series is designed to appeal to the young, socially active and hyper connected individuals. Devices in this line has access to over 100,000 apps via the company's official app store.

Social might be the way to go in the smart handset market but the company is not one to neglect what made them a success just a few years back, the business market. Users whose main concern is productivity, reliability, and strong battery performance will find the manufacturer's Q series interesting as it has everything that they are looking for all in an elegant, leather clad package.

Find the Best Deals and Prices in Singapore

BlackBerry may only have ten new models available but for those of you who want classic BB phones such as the PEarl, Curve, and Storm series will be delighted to know that you can still easily buy theses discontinued models online and all at a very budget friendly price. We have the biggest collection of old and new (even soon to be released) models from the Canadian manufacturer. Easily browse for the model you are looking for while comparing for prices and price lists from different retailers in Singapore here at PricePanda.