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The German home appliance company Bosch, was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, and has grown exponentially over the years, with the company now seen as one of the premier white goods providers on the planet. Operating out of 150 countries and with a huge range of innovative products that are designed to make your home life easier, the Bosch Company prides itself on producing high quality, low cost goods that will not let you or your family down. Recent expansions and mergers within the company have also meant an increased product portfolio and greater capacity to provide a well-rounded and complete service to Bosch customers.

Bosch Washing Machine

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The Bosch washing machine compares favourable to many other similarly priced devices on the market. With a maximum drum size of six kilograms, which is larger than Whirlpool washing machines, and a classic white finish it not only looks great but also can deal with those very large loads. Bosch prides itself on offering sustainable and environmentally conscious goods, so it's no surprise that all Bosh washers come with at the very least an A+ energy rating. Many of the devices the company produce actually manage to offer an A+++ rating. All models are free standing but can be incorporated into a fitted kitchen or washroom, depending on your personal preference. The washers also come with a range of settings, with reduced ironing, hand wash, and Aqua plus all offered by the machines. It is also worth noting that Bosch machines come with a number of fail-safe systems including the patented, Multisafe overflow system. This will help you to avoid leaks and flooding.

Over the past decade Bosch and Electrolux washing machines have been seen as the two market leaders. However, the overall build quality of Bosch devices as well as the increased functionality and low Bosch washing machine price has meant the German manufacturer has overtaken the competition. The higher spin speeds, increased wash modes and superb energy rating has seen the Bosch company revolutionise home washing machines.

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A Bosch laundry machine is a great investment for you and your home. Not only are the devices some of the best value on the market but they will actually help you save money in the long run. Bosch machines have some of the lowest energy ratings of any household good on the market. This encourages better all round performance and can greatly help to reduce your electricity bill. Combine this with a host of excellent wash settings and overflow prevention systems and you have a very impressive product. These fantastic energy saving devices are also available to buy online from a number of reputable retailers. Be sure to check PricePanda today if you are keen to secure your Bosch washing machine for as little as possible.