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Bose Headphones: Listen Quietly and Comfortably

Move your Beats aside Dre, for here comes the true pioneer in quiet comfort. Not so many companies can claim that their product was used in space, but the Massachusetts company is among the few who can. Their headsets have been used in the space shuttle. Astronauts and pilots (both commercial and military) are loyal their products. That's how good they are. Did we mention that they also invented the first pair of active noise cancelling headsets? They were also the first to make them available to the general public as a consumer product. They may not have the endorsement of some gangsta rapper nor some rock legend but they went to space. Beat that Dr.Dre.

Stay Away from the Noise and Cancel Distractions

The company manufactures a wide range of high quality audio equipment but their noise cancelling range is at the top of the bunch. They come in all fit, in-ear, around-ear, and even on-ear fit. Though small in size, their in-ear QuietComfort line's NC capabilities can rival those of any full-sized ones. The come with the company's proprietary StayHear tips for a soft and secure fit. Switching off the NC feature can also easily be accomplished, simply switch to "Aware" mode and you hear what's happening around you again.

Want more freedom of movement while still enjoying the quiet bliss brought about by oblivion of the outside world? They have them too. Their around-ear and on-ear fit units can not only provide you with lifelike musical sound and soft-cushioned comfort, they can also be easily converted into wireless wearable boom boxes. Both can operate without wires as they come with their own power sources which can last a long time. They're so comfy you can sleep with them on, and sans wires, you can rest assured that you wouldn't get strangled in your sleep.

Enjoy Quiet Comfort on the Move

Engineered to meet active people's needs, this range is built to help push you further. Amazing sound quality aside, products are also ultra durable and tough. They are sweat proof, weather resistant, and will stay comfortably secured in your ear while you go running around lifting weights or even practicing Brazilian Jujitsu.

Not so sporty but very mobile? They also have products for you. Designed specifically to optimize listening pleasure while using your favorite smartphone, their line of FreeStyle earbuds, and mobile headsets are capable of giving you their signature lifelike audio in a more multi-purpose package. Answer calls hands free through them and wirelessly connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Products in this line are light, comfortable to wear, and does not tangle as easily as most earphones.

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