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Canon DSLR cameras of all kinds and models

For those who have never bought a high quality camera before, 'DSLR' means, 'Digital Single Lens Reflex'. This is a title applied to most ranges of modern, digital cameras, where instead of film to expose, the camera has a digital imaging sensor, through which the light travels, hits and 'reflects' on a mirror. This 'reflection', creates an accurate image 'in camera' which makes framing a shot that much easier, because it's possible to check the image using the viewing function on any DSLR camera, and see exactly what you're getting. Available since the advent of commercially made digital cameras, in the early 2000's, DSLR cameras are made by all camera manufacturers including Sony. However, Canon remain a favourite, and they have a Canon DSLR Camera model in all price ranges.

Canon EOS 600D

Panasonic, Nikon or Canon, which is best for what?

Favoured by all photographers, from enthusiastic hobbyists to professional photographers alike, DSLR cameras come in many styles, and with a very wide range available from all the established camera manufacturers, it really is down to matching the best camera to your particular needs and budget. However, the big brands do have their differences, which makes each brand stand out. Panasonic cameras, have very high quality, Leica lenses, attract an arty crowd, and all their DSLR cameras are sold under the 'Lumix' banner.

Nikon DSLR cameras, from the Japanese company of the same name, have a very high manufacturing standard and precision, and they are respected and used by many professional photographers. Japanese electronics giant Sony, came into the photography market later than the other three, but now produce a range of professional grade television cameras which are highly revered, as well as their popular Cyber shot and Alpha ranges of cameras too. With up-to-date technology, and sleek looks, they easily rival any Canon DSLR Camera.

Canon EOS 70D

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