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Casio; a Household Name Through the Ages


Casio, for many people, is a familiar household name and one which we hold with some very nostalgic values. There are millions of people who remember using their calculators at school and millions still using them. They have become a trusted and valued brand which came from simple beginnings in Tokyo, Japan in 1946. Their first big break was, of course, with the first electronic calculator. Where other manufacturers at the time were producing calculators with mechanical gears which were noisy and somewhat slow, Casio (Kashio Seisakujo back then) saw an opening and thanks to a very knowledgeable brother released the first electronic calculator for office use in 1957. Following this astounding success they released a range of personal calculators and later their first electronic wristwatch, the CASIOTRON. Their groundbreaking innovations continued with the G-Shock watch, an extremely durable, shockproof and waterproof watch. They were the first to release a mobile with integrated camera in April 2002 and from there, launched a range of digital cameras and now are a key player in a variety of technology markets. They are producing low cost, high quality products that make them popular with everyone from the tech novice to the tech savvy.

A Brand to Watch


From the first watch released in November 1974 they have continuously innovated the market with devices built with more than one function, a trend which didn’t catch on for years after. Their main innovations were through the wristwatch market, releasing calculator watches (naturally), phonebook watches with in built data entry and storage capabilities, digital camera watches and and even a wearable timepiece with weather prediction sensors. The Casio watch these days is so much more than just a watch. They now produce a variety of devices to suit every wrist. The G-Shock watch is now developed into an entire range with different capabilities and specs for each device. The new Baby G, tailored towards womens smaller wrists, comes in a huge variety of colours and still features the same shockproof, durable design we love. There are also collections of more elegant, stylized pieces like the Sheen series, which feature Swarovski crystals and real gold bands and finishes. There are a lot of lines directed to the active and adventurous which have features to predict everything from ocean swell and weather, display your altitude and water depth and programs designed to help track your fitness. Most recently Casio announced two models which include Bluetooth to connect to your smart device. These operate through an app on your smartphone and can perform simple functions like setting the time and date and more complex functions like music control, message, phone and email notifications and phone locating. As usual, almost 70 years on, Casio keeps surprising us with their latest innovations.


Capturing Innovation One Camera at a Time


Back in the day, digital cameras were a luxury used by professionals and journalist but thanks to Casio’s QV-10, the everyday consumer had access to digital photography. The QV-10, released in 1995, featured a rotating lense and coloured LCD screen allowing people, for the first time, to view photos straight after they were taken. For us today, this is standard but then, it was a revolution. Units were sold by the millions and soon other brands caught on and followed suit. Today they produce a wide range of Casio cameras for every level of photographer. At the higher end they produce the ZR line which is packed with professional like capabilities including manual settings, HDR image stabilization and up to 18x optical zoom all in a stylish compact body. On the other end of the scale there is the EX Tryx for the younger generation. The Tryx line (aptly named) features a touch display which can swivel and rotate making it perfect for selfies and with the wide lense, groufies also. One of their first and most popular lines is the Exilim Card series which, as the name suggests are not much bigger than a standard business card. Originally designed to be a wearable device, it is just 17mm wide at its widest point. The first model was released in 2002 and has remained relatively unchanged, the ultimate sign of success. Like their watches their cameras come in a huge range of colours and finishes with everything from pinstripe to leather like materials which look good and feel great in the hand.



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