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Casio Camera


Casio was founded in 1957 with the development of a revolutionary calculator. While the calculator still remains as their popular products and the most sold calculator, Casio has expanded into many other product namely watches, the music instrument which are quite in demand. Apart from these Casio as also stepped into the digital camera industry provide consumers with cost-effective and modern digital cameras that make it easy to turn the pleasure of the moment into a valuable memory. Casio as a business has spread wide they have offices in all parts of Asia, they has establishments in Americas and Europe.

The Casio camera and features


Casio’s range available in the market range from 12.1 megapixel cameras to 16.1 megapixel camera and they offer zooms from 5.00 to 12.50. The Casio camera is ultra slim and Casio H30's lens offers a 35mm-equivalent range from a 24mm wide angle to a 300mm telephoto. The Aperture varies from f/3.0 to f/5.9 across the range of the Zoom. The focusing is possible to a minimum of 0.4 in Super macro and macro settings.

The Casio Digital camera uses autofocusing by contrast detection and has several metering options. It also includes face detection capability which detects the face of the subject and then automatically adjusts to yield softened shadows and smoother skin tones. Casio camera not only has functions like Aperture- and Shutter-priority modes, but also lets you manually control exposure. The Premium Auto mode, detects the scene type and then automatically enable special features such as landscape and make up modes that are built into the camera.

The Benefits of a Casio camera


The Camera has a 3.0" Super Clear TFT LCD display, which is a standard for all digital cameras. The functions are easy to use and the buttons are sturdy. In comparison to similar functionalities available with competing cameras the pricing of the camera is fair and affordable.

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