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Cherry Computer Peripherals for All Kinds of Users.


Cherry Corp. is one of the leading brands in design, innovation and manufacture of a host of devices such as computers, keyboards, rocker and snap-action switches, automotive modules, and magnetic controls and sensors. A company that is continuously on the rise, also manufactures smartboard and touchboard keyboards, mice and many other computer peripherals.


Keyboards for Industrial and Commercial Use


The POS keyboard from Cherry is among the latest and best one in the market. These keyboards feature personalized color keycaps that easily recognize common functions, thereby helping you save time and train newcomers. They are ideal for users who need to process quick transactions. Each kind of keyboard has durable designs and mechanical key switches that make commercial and industrial applications more effective. Some of them are dust resistant, making them good for the harshest of environments while some key can also be washed when dirty. Integrating the most advanced technologies, this company offers the spill-resistant keyboard, the precision laser mouse, and several other devices that have minute stowaway receivers.


Mice for Precise Performance


Cherry’s wheel mouse enables scrolling with the use of a Power Wheel. With an elegant design, these are available for both right- as well as left-handers. The optical sensor ensures that the pointer moves precisely in your desired direction. The mice are compatible with MAC and PC thanks to its USB interface. The resolution of 800 DPI facilitates precise performance. The device can be connected and disconnected while operations are being carried out, using a USB connector.


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