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Undergarments: Classic Comforts For The Gentleman

Choosing the right underwear for your daily wear is as important as getting a good haircut - the perfect cut will get you through the day comfortably and confidently. From briefs and boxers, to undershirts and singlets, a variety of fits, styles and brands are available in the market to suit your lifestyle or whatever occasion.

Breathable cotton fabrics are classic choices for the simple and practical. Clothing made from polyesters are cheap alternatives for those on the budget. Sculpting shirts and slimming trunks are mostly constructed with spandex giving you the slim-fit or stretch-fit. The latest textile innovations are comfortable to wear but come with hefty price tags.

For comfort, most men opt for briefs and boxers with elastic waistbands that ensure the proper fit. Open-buttons or button-fronts provide room for adjustments as needed whether you’re wearing trousers or jeans.

Tight-fit briefs, thongs, g-strings, and bikinis create visible lines for pants that define shape. You’ll find as many options and features, designer brands included, for these types of shapewear to give you the sleek and sexy vibe.

For sporty and outdoorsy guys, trunks, jockstraps, and boxer briefs are most preferred. They are stretchy and made of flexible materials built for a multitude of activities. Most are equipped with anti-odor technology so you don’t have to worry about smelling bad while you’re in a game or outdoors. For quality underwears, go for brands like Renoma, Jockey, or CK.

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