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Kids shoes are designed mainly for outdoor activities. Toddlers have their first pair of shoes when they start walking within six to eight weeks. Parents should start to keep track of their child’s foot size as these radically increase in months. It is wise to add an inch or a half on the actual foot size when buying a new pair of shoes as children tend to grow fast. While walking barefeet is recommended indoors, a pair of trusty footwear will help your child stand, walk, and or run better.

Young boys are generally playful, active, and adventurous. When buying shoes for them, make sure that you carefully select items made of safe and comfortable materials. Sneakers with soft cushions are best for outdoors to protect your child’s ankles and feet from sprains and injuries. For adventures on the beach, bike rides in the park or fun times under the sun, gumboots and thongs are light and flexible. Bright colors are preferred among boys, especially shades of blue, green, red, orange, yellow.

The proper shoe fit, the more comfortable it is for kids to move . Buckles, laces and other fastenings must be checked to ensure support when walking or running. Footwear with firm heel caps and rubberized soles are recommended. Go for brands like Skechers, Nike Air Max, Crocs, Boden, Next, Clarks, Chatham, Mothercare, and Camper for a great selection of shoes for kids.

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