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Things to consider when buying a Motherboard

There are so many different types of motherboards, also known as mainboards, to choose from, such as ASUS and MSI brands. Selecting the right type can be daunting, with the variations around, but with proper guidance and a little due diligence with research, you'll find one to suit your requirements.

ASRock Z77 Pro4-M

What does a motherboard consist of?

If you are upgrading Gaming PCs, or building one from scratch, you'll need to get a mainboard. This is the main element of the computer, and is responsible for holding major electronic workings, like the memory and central processing units. It also contains the connectors, where essential peripherals are provided, by way of the mainboard. This intricate system has a huge amount of subsystems, like the computer's processor. It provides a connection between the various internal components within the computer system, establishing a conduit for communication. The power connector is a component found in the mainboard. This 20 to 24 pin connector is generally located near the right hand side of the mainboard, at the edge. The main connector power supply is attached here, and its function is to power up the mainboard, and all of its components. Recently manufactured mainboards are now being built with extra 4 and 8 pin connectors, which provides even more power for your PC, if needed.

You'll find the processor socket located in the centre of the mainboard and the computer's processor is housed here. Memory slots are also found on the mainboard, and they are generally placed on the right hand, upper side. This is where computer memory modules are placed. High end variations, used for gaming, have 8 memory slots, while low end ones have 2. Memory slots range from 2 to 8, and should be selected, depending on the maximum amount of memory you want your PC to have access to. The video card slot houses the video card, and older models have AGP variations, while newer models are built with express slots. Gaming mainboards may come with more than one video card slots, which enables multiple video cards to be installed. The BIOS chip and battery component supplies the basic code, required for your computer to perform the initial boot up process. Expansion slots allow you to increase your PC's functions. With this you can upgrade your soundcard, install video Graphic Cards, or a TV tuner. The amount of expansion slots found on a mainboard will vary, depending on its size.

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