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Performance that Never Goes Out of Style

Desktop PCs have been the standard computers for homes and offices way before laptops, tablets, and smartphones were introduced in the market. The advantage of a desktop over any other device is the amount of expandability and upgrades available to it. There is a vast assortment of computer parts available when you only need to increase the performance of a certain aspect of the PC like with its processor speed, graphics, RAM, or storage capacity. This modular nature of the desktop makes it efficient and cost-friendly. Over the years, great improvements were made that allow for an even wider assortment of choices for the user. Generally, most desktop computers are capable of doing the same tasks as well as each other, but some models are a bit more specialized and are a better choice for certain tasks. Most often a particular model can come with a variety of configurations, and it would be up to the buyers to determine what specs are ideal for their needs and budget. Since desktops PCs are similar in terms of hardware and usage application, the distinguishing factor would then be the overall design of the unit.

Full Sized Desktop

This is a classic design that everyone is familiar with, which consists of a case keeping all of the integral hardware separate from the display. All the other peripherals, such as the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, are connected to the chassis via wires or wireless technology. Amongst all other kinds of desktop computers, this particular type is the easiest to maintain and upgrade. Available components can fit a wide range of budgets, and repairs are cheaper compared to other desktop models. This type is also the most popular among gaming pc builders and mod enthusiasts because most of the hardware is neatly organized on with case, one can tuck it away from the desk to conserve space.

All-In-One Desktop

An all in one desktop is the perfect solution for those with limited space and aren't interested in upgrading their PC later on. This device is one integrated system; all the essential hardware is contained in a unibody design along with the display itself. It takes up almost the same amount of space as a display monitor, and the only thing left to do is to attach the input devices you will need. In terms of upgradeability, some models allow for simple upgrades, like the memory and hard drive, while keeping the processor or discrete graphics card soldered to the motherboard itself. All-In-Ones are perfect for the homes or offices trying to bring clutter to a minimum. Apple’s iMac is a proven desktop favorite for casual users, artists and office workers.

Compact or Mini PC

Compact or Mini PCs are simply regular desktops at half the size. They serve many of the same functions as a full-size desktop and an all-in-one, but the smaller footprint allows users to save space while retaining the potential for future component upgrades. It’s worth noting that components for compact desktops are a bit more difficult to find as they usually aren't standard in size. This is because a mini PC is composed of a proprietary design structure that fits the components into an even smaller chassis. Therefore, upgrades are very limited, and repairs are often done only by professionals. Compact and Mini PCs combines the portability of all-in-ones while still retaining a significant amount of performance typically available only to full sized desktops.

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