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Modems: Providing home internet connectivity

To get a dependable internet connection at your home, purchase your very own modem here at PricePanda. Subscribe to a DSL or Digital Subscriber Line from a reputable internet provider to access Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and many more fun and entertaining websites. We offer you a great opportunity to save money and time as we spare you from the hassle of doing store visits. Filter your search options according to your desired type, brand, price range, as we lead you to the product that best suits your needs and budget.

Two Major Types of Modems

There are two major types of modems. Controller-based modems are hardware auxiliary components that comes separately from your computer unit. They usually make use of telephone lines and LAN (Local Area Network) cables to provide internet connectivity. On the other hand, soft modems or controllerless modems are those that are found inside your laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other computer systems units with internet-ready capabilities. Using wireless technology, they can be configured and operated instantaneously when you turn on your computer systems. Whether you need modems for repair or for upgrades, at PricePanda, you can find the best modem unit for you.

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