Network Attached Storage: Best prices in Singapore (48 Items found)

Securely Store All Your Data with NAS

We are now living in the age of information technology, a time where data is more crucial than ever, not only for companies and businesses, but also for individuals as well. Having access to necessary data anywhere is important for productivity, for team collaborations, and other applications which require that certain information to be available at a moment’s notice. This is where NAS or Network Attached Storage (NAS) comes in handy. It goes beyond the limit of traditional hard drive storage and provides storage that is not limited to one user or computer, but to a whole network of computers.

Why Getting NAS Is A Good Idea

A NAS provides a good way to manage data across a broad range of users, which is specially good in company or business setups. All the data which is stored in this device can be accessed by anyone authorized to do so and the good thing is that, since all the data are remotely stored on one location rather different devices, there’s no risk of data being out of sync for any and all users. Entry level NAS devices are also good for home use. They’re cheap, and are often bundled with backup software for easy system implementation as soon as you install it. Data can also be transferred wirelessly -- it’s like having your own personal cloud storage service. Besides being good for massive data storing machines, they are excellent backup devices too. Rest assured that with a good setup, having drive failures will not lead to loss of your precious data forever. We recommend Seagate’s line of Network Attached Storage, which have various models perfect for home or corporate use.

NAS: a Flexible, Modular Data Storage Solution

Similar to traditional storage setups where the data is kept within the hard drives of individual computers, NAS devices can also expand its storage capacity by adding more drives. You can increase storage capacity depending on how much you really need. This modular design of network attached storage devices makes it very cost efficient - you leave it as is or expand in small portions by upgrading when needed.

Looking for the Perfect NAS? Look No Further

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