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Get Your Computer Systems Internet-ready

Routers are devices that make internet broadband connectivity possible. You can choose to have it through LAN (Local Area Network) cables, wireless router components, or a combination of the two to share internet connection. The benefit of using LAN cables is that you can limit the number of designated users and provide internet only to authorized computers. Therefore, internet bandwidth is maximized and speed can reach the highest kbps (kilobits-per-second) or mbps (Megabits-per-second) depending on your internet subscription. On the other hand, a wireless router splits the internet bandwidth. Hence, speed is optimized so that everyone can have stable internet access via their wireless network enabled devices. Speed, however, may decline as the amount of users sharing the internet connection increases.

If you want uninterrupted online gaming or conduct video conferences through Skype or Google Hangouts while letting others enjoy your internet connection, you can also use both LAN components and wireless routers. There are router models that can be configured so that you can prioritize the speed on your computer or for certain devices through LAN, while others connect via a Wi-Fi router. For instance, you can change your router settings so that you can have a bigger percentage of the internet bandwidth, while Wi-Fi users get a lesser share.

Which One to Pick?

There are literally thousands of models available in the market right now. They come with different features and prices. Some models provide a back end where you can tweak your router settings. The Asus RT-N66U Router for example comes with a software where you can input a password so that only authorized people are allowed internet access. You can block access to certain websites, restrict certain devices from logging to the router, monitor bandwidth use and frequently visited sites. There is even a model that sets up time schedules to manage everyone’s internet usage, like the D-Link DIR-850L Router. Find out which model and feature sets you need and start your quest for the best online deals, here at PricePanda!

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