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Different Types of Memory Cards and their Functions

Memory cards, also known as storage cards and flash memory cards are mediums to store data like video and audio, pictures and texts. The cards are used in remote computing or small portable devices. Many types of memory cards are available in the market. The cards have different storage capacities, and vary in size. It is essential to know the difference between types of memory cards to help you choose the right one for your device. The below information can help you differentiate between memory cards.

SD cards

It is one of the most popular card formats used in cameras for storing information. SD cards are fairly small in size and are similar in appearance to MMC memory cards. But these cards contain a lock switch that protects the contents of the cards from being duplicated or overwritten. SD cards can work in devices that have an SD mark on them. The memory cars will also work in devices that support SDXC and SDHC cards. Many brands of compact cameras require SD cards. The memory capacity of these SD cards can range anywhere from 800MB to 16GB.

MMC cards

The cards are similar in size to an SD card, but do not feature the same memory capacity. Devices that accept SD cards can also work with MMC cards. But devices that support only MMC cards are not compatible with SD cards.

Flash cards

Flash cards are also one of the most common memory cards used in many devices. They are used on a wide range of devices, from the most common usage in Digital SLR cameras to storage the system image in modems and routers. The cards are larger than SD cards, but are fairly inexpensive compared to their efficiency and memory capacity. Instead of utilizing contacts, Flash memory cards rely on its whole series which takes pins from the card reader. Flash cards to not have write protect switches, so the use must be careful in storing these cards if he want to protect the information in it.

Micro/Mini SD

A Micro and Mini SD card uses technology similar to SD card, but is much smaller in size. The cards are made for portable units like MP3 players and mobile phones. The Micro SD cards also come with adapters to make them compatible with devices that use SD cards. The cards feature a standard memory format and are mostly used in devices that are too small for SD cards.

Memory sticks

Portable devices such as Sony cameras, and other high end devices like the PSP, use memory sticks for storing and obtaining information. The latest development of this format is the Memory Stick Duo, and looks like a small SD card. Only Sony devices are compatible with Memory sticks, making them a little more expensive than other types of memory cards.

XD cards

The cards are the same size of SD cards, but are based on the technology of Smart Media Storage cards. XD cards storage capacity is standard, and most devices that accept XD cards are also compatible with SD cards.

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