USBs Drives and Removable Media: Best prices in Singapore (236 Items found)

Removable Media: Handy Tools for Easy Backups

The rise of information technology has resulted to cloud computing among businesses. Information traffic is inevitable with the rise of more sophisticated computers and advanced gadgets. Keeping removable media or data storage devices to store documents and other information whether for business, school, or personal purposes is wise and practical for backup in emergency cases. Online platforms make use of cloud storage such as those of Google and Dropbox to store files through online space. Network attached storage are fast becoming a trend as these file-level servers provide data access to different types of people.

There are tons of external storage devices around including memory cards, usb drives, and external hard drives. Also called flash memory, thumb drives, or pen drives, USBs are rectangular plastic or metal connectors inserted into your laptop or desktop. Memory cards allow you to access data through USB cables inserted in ports. However, not all computers support memory SD cards and memory sticks. External hard drives offer huge spaces for files, music, movies, games, and programs. CDs and DVDs are gradually becoming obsolete, but they are cheap alternatives to data storage.

Transcend, LaCie, Sandisk, Western Digital, Seagate, Kingston, Toshiba, and Lexar are notable brands when searching for flash drives, memory sticks, external storage devices, blank CDs, and DVDs.

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