Drum Cartridges: Best prices in Singapore (10 Items found)

Print clear images with high quality drum cartridges

The laser printer has gained popularity because of its speed and its clear print outs. This type of printer has two printer cartridges that work in tandem, the toner cartridge and the drum cartridge. The toner cartridge contains the toner powder, while the drum cartridge transfers the toner powder to the paper when the laser hits its surface, to form the letters and images on your print outs. The drum cartridge is an important part of the printing process, therefore, it is best to look for ones that do not get worn out easily to minimize replacement of the unit. If you want the best drum cartridges from trusted brands such as Samsung at affordable prices, PricePanda is the right page for you.

Cost-efficiency of drum cartridges

Laser printers and inkjet printers have often been compared with each other because of their similar features and market. Laser printers have more expensive cartridges but reviews show that they are more cost-efficient than inkjet printers in the long run because they use up less toner and produce a higher yield of print outs. Laser printers also have more durable toner and drum cartridges which last longer compared to the ink cartridges which are prone to clogging with frequent use. Samsung offers superb drum cartridges that can withstand heavy printing, such as the Samsung CLP-R300A.

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