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Probably the second most important part of the gaming system, this piece of hardware removes the barrier between gamer and machine. It is the key to interacting with the characters and provides players with an immersing experience where they become an extension of the players thoughts. However, when improperly used, they can be very frustrating and most failures in video games are attributed to these handheld devices. They are the first to experience anger and and mostly suffer by being thrown on the floor , sofa, or sometime even inside a beverage. Despite the importance of video game controllers, it is the most neglected parts of the console prompting developers to improve its design making them more sensitive to movements, more ergonomic, and be extra durable to withstand both fun times and times of heightened frustration due to that hard to mash button which led to you being shot in GTA.


Being a gaming device requires having several variants that will suit every situation, the most popular of which are the gamepad, the paddle, the JoyStick, the trackball, the throttle quadrant, the steering wheel, the yoke, the pedals, the touch screen, the keyboard and mouse, the light gun, motion sensing, and rhythm controllers (Guitar Hero and Rock Band will be nothing without these). Other specialized variants include pinball, dance pads (Dance Revolution y'all), balance board, buzzers, NeGcon, Microphone, Steel Battalion, Fishing Rod, Floating Interactive Display, PCGamerBike, Optical Motion Tracking, instrument panel, robotic operating buddy, and of course Sega's Toylet.


Xbox Controller


Though several companies (i.e. Logitech and Razer) are producing these devices, a few stands out mainly because they are part of the three major consoles available in the market right now. The Xbox made ones are among them. These are specially designed to compliment its console counterpart. They are very specialized and are considered the best for shooting games. They even made a special Halo edition for it.


Wii Nunchucks/Remote


Considered a revolutionary device as it is a one hand remote controller so unlike the traditional gamepad ones. It is designed to make motion sensitivity more intuitive and appealing to even non-gamers. The Nunchuck is its first expansion followed by the classic, the Wii MotionPlus, and the Wii Vitality Sensor.




Designed specially for the PlayStation system, this vibration-feedback gamepads, combines modern gaming with the classic joystick. It combined the directional pad, two joysticks, and 14 buttons into one very ergonomic vibrating bundle.


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