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Creative Headphones, Excellence in Audio Technology


Experience the purest music and the most absorbing sound quality with a pair of Creative headphones. To maintain a distinguishing character of elegance, cleverness and edge is a paramount commitment that the audio company from Singapore proves day after day, by bringing to the shelves only the state of the art in sound tech and design. Explore a plethora of superior models, including headphones, communication headsets, ear-hook headsets and in-ear earphones, all characterized by smart looks and advanced materials and construction, that enhance audio quality till its peak point.


Soar to “Aural Nirvana”


Reach the Nirvana of Sound with one of the trademark Aurvana headsets. Care in ergonomics, comfort and practical design, combined with innovative noise cancelling and noise isolating technology to keep the unwanted nuisance away from your ears. The fuss of the external world is neutralized by dedicated electronic filtering via extra noise-detecting microphones, while memory foam earbuds wrap perfectly your ears to put an obstacle to voices and clamor. Only precise notes and sharp voices will make it to your eardrums. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of wireless headsets: entertainment, gaming and communication are made easy when no wires keep you trapped to your devices. The latest NFC and Bluetooth connectivity ensure high notes and bass sounds will still be reproduced at their best.


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