MP3 and Media Players: Best prices in Singapore (14 Items found)

Getting the right MP3 player is not difficult after all

The world of digital music is fast evolving, but MP3 players still rule the roost. Over the years, these music player have become not only cheaper but tinier. Today, MP3 player are affordable by just about anyone with love for music .

Where to buy MP3

MP3 players like the famous Apple iPod and others made by companies like Philips can be bought online, along with their accessories. Their price range varies - from a few dollars upwards - largely influenced by the portable player's specifications followed by the brand that makes it. Audiophiles can select a player based on the sound quality output and the right music files. Other factors that matter while purchasing such a player is the ease of use.

MP3 brands for every taste

If Apple is not your brand, then there are MP3 players by other companies on the PricePanda store front. Philips is one of them. The music players by this company fall under the budget category. One model, the SA 3MXX04KA is a 30 channel player with back light and full sound enhancement. Unlike the iPod, this resembles a memory stick or a dongle. Another model, the Philips SA 1VBE04KS or the 4GB Vibe is something to be seen. With 20 channels, and a heavy duty battery life, you can watch as many music videos on this player as you want. Other important part of this equation are the headphones, their quality can have an huge impact on the player itself, so consider buying headphones accordinlgy.

PricePanda, not only the best prices, but the best help

PricePanda's tagline is always the best price. As compared to other electronic gizmo shopping sites, here, not only do customers get the best value for money but also the very latest in MP3 player and music player. Shopping on this portal is a learning curve for buyers as they can compare model specs and prices to understand what suits them the best, read reviews written by fellow buyers and check up individual product specifications to get the complete picture before proceeding to the easy-to-use shopping cart.