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Fujifilm Digital Camera


The pioneer in photographic film making, Fujifilm, is an authority in imaging and information technology and has used this to become a global presence. As a child, you remember buying the Fujifilm negative for your camera and being excited to see a one use camera? Well Fujifilm made all that happen, they set the stepping stone to modern photography.


Technology used and its application.


Their patented EXR CMOS sensor technology is used in their digital camera which works like human vision to give you unadulterated photographs. Fujifilm digital cameras come with quite a set of robust features. The normal viewfinder, which helps you render a scene as you would see it a photograph has been changed to the EVF. In itself it does a great job of rendering a view even in dim light with very little to no lag.


The buttons on the camera are quite big and well-spaced, making them easy to access even if you are not looking at the camera. Alongside the buttons, there is a 2.8-inch LCD, which though is a little smaller than its competitors but has a vibrant colour display. Fujifilm Cameras come with the in-house developed X-Trans sensor which distribute the RBG colours randomly across a pixel resulting in a colour capture that negates moiré and is more accurate thereby removing the need for an anti-aliasing filter. All in all the range of cameras offers by the ability to produced professional level pictures at the price range of an aim and shoot camera.


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