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A brand synonymous with navigation, Garmin creates products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports uses, relying on a principal of devices being ‘built to last’. Selling 126 million pieces of GPS equipment as of May 2014, the American company is heavily relied upon by consumers for their navigation solutions. Check this page to see their range of products available through the trusted PricePanda partners.


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Garmin is a multinational corporation that is best known for producing GPS Navigation systems, both for personal and professional use. The company has been on the market for nearly 30 years and is now one of the major players in the GPS industry, thanks in part to their high quality products, investment in innovation and attention to detail. The Lenexa, Kansas company has come along way since their beginnings in 1989 with a voiceless unit that showed directions on a plain, black & white screen, to their current slim, well designed, colored units, which include several voice options.


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Garmin has been incredibly successufl in conducting their business, creating a strong brand and building an excellent reputation in whichever market they enter. Garmin has used their brand identity to sponsor international sporting events from teams in the English Premier league to the international cycling team Garmin-Sharp. These days Garmin can be seen in stadium signs and billboards throughout the world. As a result, most of their products can be found worldwide, both in stores and online. Garmin have achieved this excellent status not just by their visibility but also through their quality control. They keep the design and manufacturing process in-house giving them complete control. Not only that, but Garmin are renowned for maintaining a close eye on the lifecycle of their products to ensure they go the distance.


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The company is famous for their GPS Navigators. These highly advanced GPS devices utilize an interactive heads-up display (HUD) interface and K2 infotainment platform in order to minimize dangers posed to the driver. The HUD has been developed by using the company's in-house driving simulator. Using cameras and sensors, the system tracks the driver's eye movements to find where most distractions come from. Its design interface is based on the time and cognitive load required to perform a task with the goal of minimizing driver distraction. As a result the system is engineered to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. The HUD is designed to balance simplicity with functionality and comes with two modes: passive and interactive. When in passive mode the customizable audio, navigation or communication content is present just below your line of sight, what's left is a simple interface providing just important information at a glance (for example: lane guidelines, speed limits, safety warnings etc.) minimizing distractions. The interactive mode is activated by a proxy sensor on your steering wheel which encourages you to keep your hands on the wheel. When activated you can view traffic information, select your route, play a song or even change the radio station.


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If you're considering buying a new piece of technology, you should always ensure to research the product and brand before you buy. With Garmin you can rest easy knowing that they have done the research for you. Be sure to find the best deal when you buy your Garmin GPS navigator, check out the prices, and information on PricePanda. At PricePanda we ofer you the latest details and the top list of well known online stores in Singapore so you can easily compare prices.