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Garmin GPS: Guiding You Always

Virtually every smartphone now come with GPS functionality, some of us have resorted to using our phones or tablets with 3G or LTE to do the navigating for us. The industry which used to play host to several players has now been reduced to just a few players. Taking the lead and continuously evolving to stay afloat is Garmin. From automotive navigation, the company has expanded their portfolio to include aviation, marine, outdoor, and even fitness products. Going beyond just showing you where to find the closest McDonald's, the company is now slowly becoming an essential part of our lives.

The brand takes good care of its excellent reputation that is why they keep a close eye on their entire life cycle. They keep the design and manufacturing process in-house giving them more control over the quality. Garmin GPS devices, be it a handheld device, a part of your ski goggles, or a sophisticated aviation navigation system, are known for their compelling design, excellent quality, best value, and innovative features. The company is currently on top of their game but they are showing no signs of slowing down as they continue to produce even more technologically advanced products that are geared towards enhancing your life.

Automotive GPS: Navigating and Minimizing Driver Distraction

From StreetPilot to nuevi (nüvi), the company has been an integral part of the automotive satellite navigation revolution. What started as a plain black and white screen without a voice, they now come in very slim, well designed, colored units, calibrated to an arm's length, and with several voice options (you can choose from the standard robotic voice to your favorite movie or cartoon character's voice).

The brand utilizes their extensive experience in user interface and hardware design in order to stay relevant in a world that is being dominated by smart devices. The company is already known for providing the most accurate and fastest routes from one location to another and their satellite systems are among the most advanced that is why their most recent innovation is geared at developing an in-car infotainment system that will allow drivers to stay connected without having their attention diverted. The use of smartphones while driving is currently one of the leading causes of driving accidents and it is the brand's aim to reduce or even avoid this while keeping the driver informed and entertained while staying alert.

Designed to minimize distractions behind the wheel, Garmin's interactive head-up display (HUD) interface and K2 infotainment platform have been developed using their in-house driving simulator that uses cameras to track the driver’s eye movements. Its design interface is based on the time and cognitive load required to perform a task with the goal of minimizing driver distraction. It is engineered to keep the your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. It balances functionality with simplicity and comes with a passive and interactive mode. The passive mode will present the customizable audio, navigation or communication content just below your line of sight m what is left is a simple and clean interface providing important information at a glance. The navigation view, will show you information such as lane guidelines, speed limits, safety warnings, etc. Its interactive mode, meanwhile, is activated by a proximity sensor on the steering wheel. You can select your route, view traffic information, change radio stations, or start a phone call using this mode. It can also play music from your playlist or select a radio station. It has most the entertainment features of smartphones but with an added safety mode. It makes sure that you stay connected while bringing you to your destination safely.

Devices part of the brand's nüvi advanced series comes with exclusive Garmin features (active lane guidance, real directions, photoReal, and bird’s eye junction view), the HUD and Foursquare venues to help you explore new and popular coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and more. They also come with "direct access", a new feature that makes it easier to find locations inside complex destinations such as malls and airports. The advanced series combines all the benefits of a standalone GPS navigation device such as large displays, preloaded maps, and premium navigation features with crowd sourced information from Foursquare. Their latest premium line of navigators features bigger glass displays that are not only touch screen but are also very responsive and supports the pinch to zoom function. Their bigger screens will give you more driving related information at a glance such as map-centric interface features with lane guidance and traffic in split-view windows next to the map. They come preloaded with HERE maps, points of interests that don't rely on cellular reception (meaning you can still go there even in areas where satellite signal is scarce), lifetime map updates, and traffic avoidance.

Handheld GPS and Forerunner

Drivers aren't the only ones who needs GPS navigation, hikers, runners, military personnels, scientists, and more also needs global positioning system when performing tasks and activities. Their handheld navigators are light, durable, and waterproof. Their first ever series of handhelds was called the eTrex and it was a success. They come with high-sensitivity receivers, altimeters, digital compass, city database, highway maps, and the latest cartography and hardware technology. Their eTrex line was followed by the Geko line which is a compact line of receivers geared at the budget hiking market. Their more recent line is the Approach which is specialized for golf enthusiasts and comes with a PlaysLike distance feature that gives you an adjusted range for uphill and downhill shots. It also offers smart notification technology which will allow you to receive emails, texts, and call alerts right on the device.

The Forerunner series is the brand's first foray into the fitness market. They comprise of affordable running watches that tracks your daily activities for fitness levels. They keep you motivated by tracking distance, pace, calories, personal records, and heart rate. They incorporate daily activity tracking, counting steps, and the amount of calories you burned the entire day. The watches can also perform other functions such as alerting you when you've been sitting too long. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor training and can readily connect to your computer where Garmin Connect's fitness community will help you analyze your training progress. Other wearable tech from Garmin are its vivofit and vivosmart series. Both features a sleek and comfortable, lightweight curved band design with a 5 ATM water rating. They have batteries that can last to up to a week and they come with all the fitness tracking features present in Nike+ and all the other more expensive smartwatches in the market right now.

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Garmin products will make sure that you will never lose your way. They come with extended battery life that will shame an airplane's black box and they can show you the way even in vast tropical jungles where cellular signals are almost non-existent. They are also known for their durability making them the perfect choice for all your navigation needs. Your smartphone might let you check out and post on Tinder, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and many more but they will certainly not last long enough nor be useful in places where the GPS navigator will thrive. Garmin GPS systems might already be very budget friendly but here you have the chance to search for even better deals using our price comparison feature that will let you compare prices from different stores and retailers while checking out reviews and specifications.