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Beers: Know them before you buy them

Today, the popularity of beer spans the globe. The market economy for beer sales hardly diminishes. A lot of well-known beer brands such as Heineken, Stella Artois, Corona, and Budweiser, have stood the test of time and are still at the height of their commercialization. Furthermore, many Asian breweries have also emerged in the market, introducing the world to more beers like Asahi, Singha, Bintang, and Tiger, all ready to tingle our palates. 

Clarifying distinctions between different types of beers

There is a lot of stuff worth knowing about your favorite beverage before you buy beer online. There are different types of beers, each with their own unique flavor profiles and characteristics. This is due to the different methods used in beer brewing as well as particular beer ingredients used. Common ingredients are malted barley, hops, and yeast which are fermented. It is during this fermentation process that beer develops its alcohol content and carbonation. Similar to wines, the alcohol content of beers depend on the length and process of fermentation undergone. Beers are usually categorized as either Ales, Lagers, and Malts. Each provide different complex flavors and alcohol content, and have different stimulating effects to the appetite. Below is a brief description of the major types of beers.

  • Ales

This type of beer is brewed with yeast that has been fermented at high temperatures. Ales are usually golden in hue but are darker than lagers. The mild fruitiness of the aroma and taste makes it distinct among other beer types. This type of beer pairs perfectly with salty foods like potato wedges and bacon. The fruity flavor of Ales also counters the pungent, fishy taste of seafoods like lobsters, crabs, scallops, and many others. Budweiser and Corona are two prominent brands that sell this type of beer.

  • Lagers

The name comes from the German “lagern” which, when translated, means “to store”. While Ales are fermented under hot temperatures, lagers on the other hand are made from yeast stored for several months under cooler temperatures. This kind of beer is mixed with a low or high hop finish, and is usually slightly bitter. Lagers pair perfectly with pasta, sandwiches, and pizza, because it does not overpower your food’s taste but has enough acidity to neutralize those flavors and allow you to further enjoy each bite. The Thai brand Singha is a good example of this type of beer.

  • Malts

Malts are beers that are usually dark brown in color with a hint of sweetness in its flavor. It has a distinct aroma of roasted malt, which is similar to that of an espresso or toffee. Among Asian countries, the Indonesian brand Bintang is predominantly known for this type of beer, as is as the famous Dutch brand, Heineken, which has been said to taste like Bintang. Malt beers are a good complement for red meat as well as spicy foods. Malt lessens the intensity of spiciness by calming it with its sweetness.

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