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Exterior Doors

There are many types of material and designs to choose from to fit which style is best for your home. If your house is filled with wood woven crafts and furnishings, consider purchasing a door made of dark wood. With the right wood treatment and varnish, a wooden door gains appeal with age. Besides design, it also important to have front doors built with materials that can withstand outside elements, but at the same time do not look so intimidating that they ward off your invited guests. For a contemporary and modern look, you can opt for double-glazed fiberglass or vinyl steel doors. They provide better security options, as well as add a smooth and glossy style. For maximum security, make your doors burglary-proof by installing home security equipment like fingerprint and face scanners.

Interior Doors

The doors inside your house need not be as robust as your entry doors. You can lodge old-fashioned door knobs to add privacy and security, or you can use snazzy glass doors that can make a small house look bigger. The options for you interior door designs are endless. You can go for a traditional look using real wood veneer or use less expensive fiberboards embossed with realistic faux-wood treatment. You can also have psychedelic pink colors for the ladies, or metallic soundproof doors for aspiring rockstars. Personalize your doors according to your taste and allow doors to enhance the coziness and safety of every room in your house. Be sure to check PricePanda for anything else you might need like home decors, door stoppers, door hinges, deadbolts, padlocks, and other door locks.

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