Swimming Pool and Spa Supplies: Best prices in Singapore (17 Items found)

Maintain Your Pools with the Right Equipment

Swimming pools can be used as a sporting facility or as part of a home’s luxurious design. Those who have the means can afford to build their own swimming pools and spa. Most resorts and fitness centers have also streamlined their pool services with relaxing spa treatments. Although the maintenance of these facilities requires a lot of work, having them at the comforts of your home where you and your kids can bond and play can make it all worth it.

For swimming pool maintenance, you will need to have a supply of chlorine and bromine to keep your pool free from contaminants. You can also use other compounds like algaecides, pH balancers, and stain removers and cleaners -- all of which further sanitize your swimming pool and even your spa pool or tub.

You should also keep a stack of filter cartridges for easy replacement of worn down filters. Other cleaning equipment that you will need to use on a daily basis are a vacuum head with brush tools, a leaf rake, and a skimmer with a replaceable net. The maintenance for swimming pools are almost similar to that of spas. It is best to consult your local spa dealer for more information. Also, make sure to follow the safety guidelines provided in the user manual or product packaging before using the chemicals or before cleaning or removing any of the pool’s components.

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