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Wise planning and shopping can go a long way when stylizing your own bedroom, living room, or garden. Tables, for example, whether it’s a dining, coffee, or nested table could serve as a centerpiece that livens the room--but only if you choose the right table linens. Table linens are textile table coverings used at home or during occasions. You can buy them individually or in sets; most of the time, a set is comprised of a tablecloth, napkins, and placemats. Table runners, overlays, and skirts are usually purchased separately. The things you have to consider before buying table linens are the table size, your preferred design or color, price, the theme of the party (if you’re buying table linens for a specific occasion), and the material which they are made of; there’s linen fabric, poly cotton, polyspun, polyester, plastic, or vinyl.

A tablecloth is the theme setter. The rule is, if you’re throwing a formal or traditional gathering, lengthy tablecloths must be used. A tablecloth can either be a half-drop cover (half-length table cover) or full-drop cover (full-length table cover). You can combine these two or use a table overlay and skirt (perfect for buffets) to exude more class. Linen fabrics like Damask, Venise, and Irish linens have smoother finishes making them perfect for your top-of-the-line tablewares. Table napkins folded in origami shapes or tucked by napkin rings will make a fine addition to a formal table setting.

Casual table settings or family dining are more laid back. Weaved table linen fabrics prove to be of better use because of the fabric’s absorbent properties. Here, placemats and table runners are put on the spotlight. Placemats are not just limited to oval and rectangular shapes. They also come in fun hexagonal, ruffled, and other avant-garde designs. Organdy placemats can help create an old European country feel when placed on top of a coffee or tea table with a quaint pottery set. They are also perfect for your quick table decor needs. You can spread them directly on your table even without the initial covering provided by a table cloth.

The same is true with table runners. This type of table linen runs in the middle of the table, dropping on each side of the table by 6 inches. If you’ve placed a tablecloth under it, the edge of the table runner should drop at the same length as that of the tablecloth. An alternative to linen fabrics are poly cotton, polyspun, and polyester. They are machine washable and are resistant to common fabric problems.

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