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Home Dehumidification

Households with no proper ventilation tend to have a higher level of humidity. Drying your laundry inside the house and having no exhaust hood to clean the air in the kitchen can contribute to your home’s humidity level. Humid places are hot spots for bacteria, fungi, mold, and mites. The musty smell in your room, cupboard, and cabinet are also caused by this huge amount of moisture. To prevent a damp atmosphere in your home, you can use a dehumidifier or an HVAC (heating ventilating air conditioning unit; that is, if a dehumidifier follows a cooling system that is similar to refrigerators to remove moisture).

Dehumidifiers generally draw in moist air, remove moisture, and replace it with warm, dry air which is then blown back into the room. To help you get the right moisture content in your room, kitchen, or living room, PricePanda has a list of affordable dehumidifiers from trusted brands like LG, Sharp, Samsung, Novita, and Eurospace.

Before making your purchase, you first have to consider the area coverage of the device and its moisture removal rate. For big households or office space, you can opt for the Novita Air Dehumidifier ND 690. It has a tank capacity that can collect up to 50 liters of water every day. You can easily adjust its settings by simply tapping the touch pad located on top of the unit. Its other features include an easy-roll caster, a built-in pre-filter screen, and a continuous drainage option. For smaller households, we recommend one of our top products, the Eurospace Dehumidifier EDH128C. It can remove up to 12 liters of moisture per day. It operates quietly and also has a continuous drainage option.

Air Humidifiers, on the other hand, add moisture into the air, and are commonly used in extremely hot or cold places with dry air. If you are suffering from dry skin and throat, nose irritation, and cracked lips, this device emits water vapors that can alleviate their effects. Air-O-Swiss, Enviracare, Honeywell, and Holmes are among the brands hailed to have the best humidifiers. Regardless of the brand, you should keep your unit clean to prevent bacterial growth. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper handling and cleaning of your dehumidifier or humidifier.

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