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Gear Up for Work

Workwear is the collective term used for clothes worn at the office, but it is typically used to refer to heavy-duty clothes worn by repairmen, construction workers, firefighter, miners, and other blue-collar workers who perform manual or physical labour. Hardwearing workwear, as some may call it, differs from office wear and uniforms in terms of the fabric, stitching, and other materials used. Some workwear have thermal and waterproofing features or heavy duty zippers and belts.

These workwear are specifically designed not just to provide comfort but also safety and protection for workers with high-risk jobs. Workers who are doing maintenance check on streets or buildings at night need to wear high visibility or waterproof workwear. Construction workers need heavy-duty head wear to protect their heads from falling debris.

Even though some mechanical tasks pose less risk, like for example grinding, sawing, or drilling using a set of air tools, it is still advisable to use protective gears like a pair of work gloves and safety goggles, as the compressed air from these tools might cause an object to accidentally yank toward the eye or skin. Slip-resistant boots with shock-absorbing midsoles can also provide added protection when working on wet grounds.

Wearing the right workwear will help you or your workers conduct their task efficiently. Just as how good business wear can help you feel empowered, hardwearing workwear can boost your skills as well.

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